Why a Blog on Salt? 2 Reasons

With all of the authors and aspiring authors scrambling to the internet to have their voice heard, it seems the last thing we need is another blog by another aspiring blogger.

I’ve kept a blog over the years; the problem I have is continuity—I run out of a) either anything compelling to write about; or b) time.

I have listened and watched over the past decade to the chatter within the Church (that’s the Body of Christ, the Church with the big “C”) about our need today to be salt and light in our society. I agree with the exhortations.

But some questions crept up in my listening experiences to these calls to be salt and light:

  1. After listening to the calls to be salt and light, that call seems to be limited to the halls of government. Is that the only place that followers of Jesus are to be salt?
  2. What does the Bible say about salt? What does the Bible say about light?

I have always been a fan of Becky Pippert. She seems to be an expert on salt. She has a great blog that I have really enjoyed reading. So do we need another on the subject?

I think so (that’s why I’m still writing). Let me share two huge reasons why:

1. The world needs to see Jesus in skin and bones…right now.

In the Old Testament, God’s covenants with His people were often called “covenants of salt.” That’s because salt doesn’t burn up under intense heat, nor does it somehow change into some other ingredient. It is…permanent. Like God’s promises.

If I am the salt of the earth (and Jesus said that I am), then I am a physical reminder that God’s promises are eternal. They are trustworthy; enough to stake your life on them. In a world full of hurting people searching for truth, they need to see Truth in skin and bones.

2. This fallen, broken, hurting world needs healing.

Another thing that we read in the Old Testament is how Elijah threw a bowlful of salt into the water supply in Jericho, and with that bowl God healed the water supply. But there was more that was polluted in Jericho than just the water supply.

The moral/ethical water was also polluted. Jericho—like all of Israel—was polluted with the abhorrent religious practices of Baal. Jericho’s water needed healing—both physical and moral.

Salt was used by God then to bring about healing. God wants to use His people to bring about healing in this world. Like today.

These are just two reasons for writing a blog about salt; there are three more that I’ll share in the next post. But we will take a look together at places in this world where it is languishing under a “low-sodium diet,” and discuss how a “high-sodium diet” will make things better.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, your suggestions for topics, and your reactions.food-kitchen-cooking-spices

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