Why a Blog on Salt? 3 More Reasons

Last week, I shared a couple of reasons why I thought a blog on salt was needed. I have three more reasons that I want to share today:

1. The Truth Needs to Be Publicized…and Preserved

Truth and reality continue to be redefined to be relative to each individual; the only absolute truth that is accepted by many is that there are no absolute truths. But the drift from truth is not limited to individuals; just last week, the California Department of Education officially rewrote the history standards for the 6.2 million students of the state’s public schools. Guess what was effectively omitted? That’s right: references to our nation’s Judeo-Christian roots and biblically-based underpinnings.

Fulfilling its role of being the salt of the earth, the Church of Jesus has a responsibility to steadfastly hold up the standard of truth. Jesus said He expressly came to bear witness to the truth; we have been entrusted with lifting up and working to preserve that truth today. The most loving thing we can do, in fact, is to share the truth with people, is it not?

2. Our World Needs a Taste of Jesus

People’s search for personal, individual truth will leave them with more questions than answers.That’s because the farther away from God that people search for truth, the cloudier life becomes.

Paul told the Colossian church to be ready to answer each person with words that are full of grace—seasoned with…wait for it…salt. In other words, what we say to a searching world can give them a taste of Jesus—the very Answer for which they have been searching.

3. Too Many Christians Don’t Know How to Think Biblically

Please hear me: I am not saying that Christians are not intelligent; they are. I am not saying that Christians don’t know what the Bible says; many do. What I am saying is that there are too many people in our churches that are content to limit what the Bible teaches only to the realm of their respective churches or to religion in general.

What they don’t realize is that the Bible has something to say about business. It has something to say about education. It has something to say about family raising. It has something to say about our work ethic. It has something to say about how government should function.

What would our communities look like if we as followers of Jesus would take seriously our role, our responsibility, to be salt in those very communities? Do you think things would be different?

I do. So…here we go with the blog.

The next post will offer a rebuttal to what is apparently a popular mindset among many in the Church. Until then…I’d love to hear your thoughts thus far.cropped-cropped-food-kitchen-cooking-spices.jpg


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