About Chris Clark

Chris is:

  • Husband to Terri;
  • Father to Evan, Elise, Eric, and Elaine;
  • Father-in-Law to Luci;
  • Grandfather to Asher;
  • Senior Pastor at East Clairemont (since 1998);

Those are the outward honors that God has given him.

But Chris is passionate about discovering more about Jesus—His nature, His purpose, and His ways. He has made his life purpose to discover Jesus’ will and then do it so that he can know Jesus better.

Along the way, Chris is discovering that following for Jesus is not limited to one day a week, or 15 minutes a day. It’s a 24/7/365 endeavor.

One thing that Chris is concerned over is the kind of disciple that churches are producing to follow Jesus. In the past, when people decided to go all-in with following Jesus, society is impacted for the better. Don’t think that’s been happening in our country over the past 50 years.

Could it be that we really don’t understand what it means to be salt?164TCCC4